Padstow May Day is Obby Oss Day on 1 May 2017

Every year for decades Padstow has been packed on 1 May by up to 30,000 revellers keen to see the decorations, experience the Obby Oss, join the party and dance around the maypole.

It’s not quite clear whether the celebration started as a welcome to Summer, a deterrent to French landings, a fertility symbol, a rain maker or whether it began back in pagan times.

Either way, it starts with locals decorating the town with greenery, flags and flowers. Then on the morning of 1st May a red and blue Obby Oss dance through the streets followed by a procession dressed in white with ribbons and wild flowers.

Led by a dance leader, known as the Teazer, the Obby Osses, marchers, musicians and drummers play and sing the traditional May song as they move through the streets.

It gets busy so the advice given is get there early in Padstow car parks or take an early ferry from Rock.