Cornish Gin judged world’s best, where to pick up a bottle or glass in Rock

Front of Spar shop Rock Cornwall white with slate roof

Cornish gin win – Judges at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 have awarded Tarquin’s Cornish Navy Seadog Gin Best of Class.

Tarquin’s Cornish gin is distilled in small batches, the old-fashioned way, by the family owned, Southwestern Distillery, near Wadebridge in Cornwall. Being awarded Best of Class at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is a huge accolade. The competition is widely regarded as ‘the most respected and influential spirits competition in the world’. The Cornish gin beat over 250 competitors, many from larger and more well-known gin distilleries and was scrutinised by expert judges from around the world.

Tarquin Leadbetter is the founder and Head Distiller at Southwestern Distillery. He started handcrafting his Cornish gin from home and selling it through local pubs in 2013 whilst in his early 20’s. Since then he has grown the business and now sells nationally and internationally.

Reading about the Cornish gin and its ingredients is fascinating. It is distilled in a copper pot they call Tamara and alongside Cornish water includes many ‘botanicals’ from around the world. There’s a lot more to making gin than you think, find out more here.

As you might expect the Tarquin’s Cornish Navy Seadog Gin is widely available near Glen Valley holiday cottage. Here are a list of shops, bars and resturants:

Local shops to buy bottles of Tarquin’s Cornish gin:

  • Bin Two – Padstow
  • Lewis’s Deli – Rock
  • Spar Nursery Stores – Rock
  • Padstow Farm Shop – Padstow
  • Sharp’s Brewery – Rock
  • Wadebridge Wines – Wadebridge

Bars and restaurants serving Tarquin’s Cornish gin:

  • The Basement – Padstow
  • Mariners – Rock
  • N.o. 1 Rock Road Restaurant – Rock
  • Rick Stein’s Café – Padstow
  • The Seafood Restaurant – Padstow
  • The Ship Inn – Wadebridge
  • St Endoc Hotel – Rock
  • St Petroc’s Bistro – Padstow
  • The Metropole Hotel – Padstow

You can also buy online or from shops across the UK and in 12 countries around the world. You can find out more on the Southwestern Distillery website.