Nathan Outlaw restaurant in Port Isaac Cornwall is the best restaurant in the UK

The Good Food Guide has just named Nathan Outlaw’s restaurant in Port Isaac, Cornwall as the best restaurant in the UK 2018. In fact, outside London North Cornwall does very well in the best restaurant list. Restaurant Paul Ainsworth at No. 6 in Padstow, a few miles down the coast from Nathan Outlaw, comes in at number 32, not bad when you think The Ritz, London is at 28.

It turns out Paul Ainsworth has beaten famous local rival in Padstow, Rick Stein, who doesn’t feature in the top 50. Though I have to say we love an evening out at Rick Steins. It’s simple, casual and beautifully appointed, with amazing food and service. We have yet to visit Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainsworth but I guess we’ll have to save our pennies now.

Nathan Outlaw is a seafood specialist renowned as a ‘soft-spoken’ chef. He had this to say about his teams’ achievement.

‘The fantastic team behind me have all played their part in this success and I am grateful to them for their loyalty and hard work. I’ve never courted accolades; I just do what I do the way I like it but that seems to have paid off!’

You can read more about what Nathan has to say about being the best restaurant in the UK on the Nathan Outlaw website.

If you fancy seafood on a special occasion or for a holiday treat there are some brilliant seafood restaurant choices in North Cornwall and they have other options too. Take a look at the menu’s here and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Nathan Outlaw menu, Paul Ainsworth Menu, Rick Stein menu. Be sure to book really early before your holiday.

Nathan Outlaw contact: 

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, 6 New Road, Port Isaac, Cornwall. PL29 3SB

Telephone: 01208 880 896

Paul Ainsworth contact: 

Paul Ainsworth at No. 6, 6 Middle Street, Padstow, Cornwall. PL28 8AP

Telephone: 01841 532093

Rick Stein contact:

The Seafood Restaurant, Riverside, Padstow, Cornwall. PL28 8BY

Telephone: 01841 532700